Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scott Morse-off Sketchbook Painting

This painting is just about my favorite thing in the world. I can't believe it's mine! Scott Morse is a comic book artist, as well as a story artist at Pixar. His graphic novel Barefoot Serpent is a fantastic read, particularly if, like me, you have an affinity for the films of Akira Kurosawa.

The Beatles Rooftop performance is probably my favorite Beatles moment, and in my head they are singing "Don't Let Me Down", which is one of my top 5 Beatles songs.

Eric Canete

Today's Beatles sketch is by Eric Canete who was reluctant to follow Robert Valley in the book but definitely brought his "A" game. I really enjoyed the contrast between watching Eric's process as compared to Roberts. Where Robert threw down very precise lines, Eric threw down a huge mass of kinetic lines, searching through the chaos to find his beautiful drawing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Book Is Born...

I have always been fascinated by the concept of artistic style. Style can be viewed as a road map of an artist's influences, a marker of his current inspirations, and often a unique insight into how he views the world.

Last year, I discovered the work of one artist that lit such a fire in my heart that I was just burning to pick up a pencil to take advantage of the creative spark that had ignited within me. Robert Valley designed and animated the opening cinematic to The Beatles: Rock Band. My brain exploded. I'm a lifelong Beatles fan, and am also an animator, and the fusion of my two loves was just pure bliss to me. I can pay no better compliment to a piece of art than the fact that it just made me want to pick up my own pencil and draw.

After seeing this amazing video, I just had to meet Robert and pick his brain. It turned out that Robert was attending San Diego Comic-con, and I got my chance to meet him. He was very generous with his time, and I can only hope my enthusiasm didn't creep him the hell out. Having attended the Con for about 10 years now, I've seen alot of different ideas for themed sketchbooks. A fan would bring a blank sketchbook, choose a theme or character (usually Batman, or Superman, or any scantily clad Fanboy dreamgirl) and approach all of his favorite artists in hopes of filling his book with different takes on his chosen subject.

That's how the Beatles Sketchbook was born. I always wanted a themed sketchbook of my own, and I knew I was about to meet Robert Valley, so...

Robert drew this out of his head without looking at reference! He didn't construct the drawing, he didn't search for the lines, but he drew as if he saw John and Ringo clearly in his head, and traced his vision. Amazing. Thank you Robert for starting off the book, and inspiring everyone who followed you.

I'd like to invite you fellow Beatles fan, to see all of my favorite artists' wonderfully different takes on the greatest band of all time.