Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stephen Silver

Greetings Fab Fans!  Sorry for the lag in updates, but I've got a ton of great new sketches to share in the coming weeks including this one by the amazing Stephen Silver!  Stephen is one of the nicest and most talented designers in the Animation industry.  He was the lead designer on shows like Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and Clerks: The Animated Series.

Stephen has been doing some very exciting things to spread his knowledge and love of the field; he recently designed an App called Posebook that is a fantastic resource offering an extensive library of great  photos of poses to draw from or get inspired by.  He also regularly teaches Character Design through Schoolism.

If you need one more reason to devour all the Silvertoons you can find, check out his great Beatles print, available through his website!
Stay tuned guys, I've got updates coming with great sketchbook contributions from greats like Craig Thompson, Adam Hughes, Steven Macloud, Gene Yang, Humberto Ramos, and many, many more!  There's also some HUGE news to announce, so check back soon!

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